Courses for IELTS/TOEFL Preparation

ESL Courses


  • Listening and Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing

These courses are offered to IELTS/TOEFL test takers at CLB 5 and above and first-year college students. While these courses are attuned to the test formats and requirements, they lead you to systematically improve your English up to the advanced levels.


Writing Across the Disciplines

This course is offered to IELTS test takers and first-year college students. In this course, you have intense guided writing practice in class as well as individual and group assignments outside the class. The writing practice gets you familiar with IELTS writing test format but involves a wide range of topics in different disciplines and genres that naturally enlarge your vocabulary and improve your critical thinking skills.


Integrated Writing

This course is offered to TOEFL test takers and first-year college students who seek extra training in academic writing. While this course leads you to improve academic essay writing with intensive guided training, it incorporates the component of integrated writing, namely, reading/listening based writing. You practice writing based on what you have listened to and read. This course helps you form a foundation for research writing in your college or university studies.


Courses for General ESL Studies

  • Listening and Speaking
  • Reading and Writing


These courses are offered for general ESL training at different levels (CLB 0 – 10) and for IELTS/TOEFL test takers (lower than CLB 5). It can be adjusted to suit individual needs to improve your English language in general or for more focused training on listening, speaking, reading, or writing.

Fundamentals of English Grammar

This course is offered to ESL students at intermediate levels and above (CLB 5 and above). While students at these levels have some foundation in grammar, this course serves to accelerate and reinforce your improvement and forms a more solid foundation for your further learning to the advanced levels.

Genres and Vocabulary

This course is offered to ESL students at intermediate levels and above (CLB 5 and above) as English for specific purposes (ESP). It accommodates EAP  students and IELTS/TOEFL test takers whose interests cover a broad range of academic fields. The volume of vocabulary is an important indicator of your language level. Vocabulary building is an effective way to raise your language level. This course expands the scope of your vocabulary across the academic genres and build up the volume of your vocabulary that suits your specific purposes and your learning goal.

Developmental Writing

This course is designed for EAP students (CLB 6-8) who aim to reach CLB 10 and need to improve their English writing while preparing for academic studies in college or university programs. Grammar constitutes groundwork for effective communication. Building up a solid body of knowledge in grammar is essential for ESL students to develop their competence in academic writing. This course leads you to engage in focused practice of writing with attention to grammar, and experience grammar use in context. This develops a deeper understanding of grammatical concepts, which naturally results in correct use of grammar.

Research Writing

This course is attuned to the needs of early years of undergraduate ESL students who need additional training in academic writing.  Research writing involves academic literacy and skills in reading, information synthesis, and citation. Most ESL students in the early years of their undergraduate studies find it challenging to identify appropriate references for their writing, to synthesize and transform the information from the references and generate new ideas in their own writing. This type of skills needs focused training. This course offers you the opportunities to train these skills and effectively improve the quality of your writing.

Writing for Business Communication

This course focuses on writing for business communication and leads students through the writing process step by step from prewriting (brainstorming and identifying purpose and audience), planning and outlining, draft writing, revising and polishing (check for accuracy and grammar), to editing and proofreading. Based on the principles of business writing, this course creates good opportunities for you to practice writing clear and effective business documents including emails, memos, letters, reports, and even professional social media profile. You will learn how to write with clarity and professionalism, how to organize your thoughts through a structured approach with appropriate word usage and grammar. We explore common errors made in business communications as well. You will strengthen your written communication skills in business environment that you need to advance in your workplace. You will gain a good understanding of the writing process and be able to format effective business communication. After completing this course, the techniques you have learned will enable you to write appropriate messages to different audiences and for different purposes.

In addition, we also offer one-to-one individualized training and guidance attuned to your needs in preparation for your test, which can be more focused on speaking, writing, reading, or listening, or for your general ESL learning.