Achievers Award



  • 4 weeks (full-time)

Tuition   CD$800 (tax included)     
Processing fee   CD$150 (one-time charge) 

  • 4 weeks (part-time)

CD$400 (tax included)
Processing fee   CD$ 150 (one-time charge)
We allow some flexibilities in case your study term is less than a month. 
Non term-based
Individual appointment and lessons   CD$25 per hour



To promote academic excellence, Achievers Academy International offers $200 award with an honorary certificate to high achievers of IELTS and TOEFL tests, IELTS score 8 and above, TOEFL iBT 115 points and over, to honour your academic achievement. This award is not huge in quantity, but it is the recognition and an evidence of your conscientious efforts in achieving academic excellence, and a record in your academic journey that you can pride yourself on.